Zona Nyaman (bukan oleh 420)

Seseorang yang tinggal di zona nyaman, kesannya salah. Harus take risk pokoknya. Namun zona nyaman, main aman, bukan berarti salah jalan. Walaupun penting keluar dari zona nyaman, tapi saat mengerjakan sesuatu yang melibatkan banyak orang, main aman terkadang merupakan pilihan yang tepat.

Tidak usah terjebak stereotipe, menghakimi, apalagi sampai bersilat lidah. Bijaksana saja.

Terima kasih yang spesial buat kawan-kawan semobil buat sharing hari ini.

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  1. First of all, “Gosh finally a post!”

    A few years back i was in a Sunday Sermon. The topic was about “Comfort Zone”. At that time i was a naive little kid, so i thought, “This will be another classic ‘get out of your c-zone’ kinda thing”. But it wasn’t. Instead, the pastor said that it had all been a misconception. That it should had been “Chase/ find your comfort zone” or something like that. For him, comfort zone is where/when everything is ideal. When there’s balance between your calling and passion. Ultimately, when everything is right. He said that when people say “Get out of your comfort zone and go work harder”, it isn’t really about getting out of a comfort zone, but rather finding/looking for a bigger comfort zone (just like moving a fish into a bigger bowl).

    The problem with the popularized phrase “Get out of your comfort zone” or “Comfort zone kills you” is that when people find balance and comfort, they will feel that it is wrong, that it is not supposed to be like that. So they will never settle, and keep on looking for more. They are so focused on being more and more resourceful that they forgot to live their life. Greed, disguised as ambitious.

    In the end, what i would like to say is, just like Helen said in her post. Don’t “dispose” your comfort zone because you hear people here and there doing it. Thrive for something better and bigger, but don’t forget to enjoy the process. Don’t be so greedy that in the end of your life, you realise that you’ve forgotten to live. Remember that our lives are not our own, but Christ lives in us. So live to the fullest, and let people witness Christ in our lives.

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