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Spring Day

spring day

Beginning notes:
Please don’t stop reading even though it is Korea or Bangtan related because I guarantee you will love this

I decided to write a special post where I combine On the Beat, Artwork, and Cut!. If you ask why I don’t include YumYum, well, I still don’t know how to relate this song to food hahahaha

Anyway, the song I’m going to show you here is Spring Day (봄날) by BTS (방탄소년단). This song is the song that made me dig more about BTS and finally became an A.R.M.Y. What’s funny is I didn’t like this song at first. I thought the music was too loud, yes, THAT repetitive part. Then I watched the live performance version of this song. I fell in love with the choreography. It was beautiful. Then I started watching more videos and listening to the audio. I found out that the chords were amazingly combined, making the song sound soft and emotional.

Since this is a special post, I will break this down into 3 parts: Artwork, Song (On the Beat), and Music Video (Cut!). Let’s begin!


This is the artwork I made for Spring Day. The artwork shows a tree with a pair of shoes hanging on the branch. Like in the music video, the leaves come back to the tree, symbolizing the coming of spring. The coming of spring is also described by the background color. If you notice, there is gradual change from blue to yellow. It symbolizes the winter that is replaced by spring. The shoes? I will explain more in the music video section hehe

There is a quote on the artwork. You probably have known (or guessed) that it is the lyrics of Spring Day.

in Hangeul:
꽃 피울 때까지
그곳에 좀 더 머물러줘

in the Romans letters:
Kkoch piul ttaekkaji

Geugose jom deo meomulleojwo

in English:
Until flowers bloom

Please stay
Please stay there a little longer

Song (On the Beat)

This song is one of BTS’ ballads. It is the title track of their repackaged album, You Never Walk Alone, together with the song Not Today. Some sources say that this song is about Sewol Ferry Tragedy. In the tragedy, many high school students who was having school trip to Jeju died from drowning.

About the meaning of this song, there are many theories. One of the theory stated that this song speaks about missing a dead friend. The song starts with the lyrics 보고십다 which means I miss you. This phrase is repeated throughout the song as if the writer is trying to emphasize how he misses this friend of his. The song speaks about the struggle the writer feels to overcome the feeling. This is shown when Suga says, “Yes I miss you but I will erase you because it hurts less than blaming you”, then Jimin says, “I say that I want to erase you but actually I can’t let you go just yet”. The writer is longing for spring, when everything is brand new, when he can move on from the grief in the hope of meeting his friend in the future.

This song has a really deep meaning. The lyrics are written poetically. There are many similes, such as what shown in these lyrics.

Like a tiny dust floating in the air, will I get to you faster if I was snow in the air?

I try to exhale you in pain like white smoke

The music, we can’t skip talking about the music. The chords are amazing, just like what I’ve said before. The combination is perfect. The music makes the song sounds more emotional. It is beautiful, really. I especially like the ending music in the music video version (or you can say the background music for The Wings Tour ending).

Stream the song on Spotify here:

Never forget the beautiful semi-contemporary choreography. Here’s the video to the live performance

Music Video (Cut!)

Honestly speaking, the music video of this song is aesthetically pleasing. The videography and editing are excellent. The props and set are well-prepared.

The concept of this music video is parallel universe between the past, present, and future. The bridge of the universe is the train. The train, of course, is heading to the future, which is adulthood, a concept Bangtan has been using since their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life days.

This music video is started with individual shots of the members. V putting his head on the railway, Jungkook in a train looking out of the window, Rap Monster in a train corridor, Jimin sitting on the sea shore, Jin being left alone under the stairway, J-Hope sitting on the train flying a paper plane, and Suga sitting in a clothes mountain. These scenes show the loneliness of the members.

  • J-Hope

Then, there is a scene where Rap Monster opens the door of a train and gets to a motel in Omelas. This is a reference to the story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”. In the story, Omelas is a city where everyone feels unbelievably happy. In the end, they realize that there is a lie behind the happiness. In order for them to be happy, a child is locked in a cage under the city. Some of them decide to leave the city.


The unbelievable happiness is shown in the birthday party scene. The unfortunate child is Jungkook (who is the youngest and the main character here). Why is it so? He is trapped because of his friends. Jin is trapped (he is left behind under the stairway) because he committed suicide in the previous music videos. V is trapped because he killed his father in the previous music videos. Jungkook feels depressed and wishes his friends would disappear, shown by him blowing a match.

jungkook blowing match

He is then shown looking everywhere, on the train corridor, laundry room, even to the motel, for his friends. There is no one, until finally he finds his friends and walk together. When they walk, they saw the train. Jungkook in the train saw himself with his friends outside (this relates to the concept of parallel universe). He realizes he needs his friends then he wishes them back, shown by him blowing a match again. They reappear in the train with him as he opens his eyes.

Jungkook looking for his friends
all members
All members in a train

As for the other members, I won’t go into details but here are some highlights.

Jimin is shown picking up a pair of shoes from the sea. This has few interpretations. The shoes could represent the Sewol ferry tragedy victims. The shoes could also represent Jin who died from drowning in the previous music videos. Jimin is shown with the shoes throughout the music video while he himself wears a pair of shoes

Jimin with the shoes

Suga is shown sitting on a pile of clothes. The clothes mountain represents death. This shows that the friend they are talking about is dead.

In the end of the music video, all 7 of them walk out of the train. They are the ones walking away from Omelas. As they’re walking out, they welcome spring, the new beginning for them, adulthood. Jimin is shown hanging the shoes. This could mean that he accepts the death of his friend. This could also mean honor for the tragedy victims who couldn’t make their way to adulthood.

the boys
The boys walking out of the train
Jimin with the shoes
The Shoes

The sky changes from blue to yellow and the leaves fly back to the tree representing the coming of spring.

the tree
The leaves flying back to the tree

That was one of the theories. As you can see the music videos have a lot of hidden meanings. If you’re interested in going into details with the theory, I suggest you to watch this video of Justtally on YouTube.

Despite the confusing theory, you can just see this music video as one of the most beautiful BTS music videos. One important tip while watching the video, TURN ON THE CC. It allows you to see the English translation of the lyrics. I suggest doing this not only so you can understand, but also so you can feel the emotion and the beauty of this song and music video.

After that long explanation, I think it is best for you to watch the video yourself.

P.S.: Help this video get the 100M views that it deserves 🙂 #SpringDay100M

It’s a really long special post, isn’t it? Anyway, I hope you like this special post. Let me know what you think about this article, this song, or the music video in the comment section below. You can also reach me on Twitter and Instagram.




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