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Shanghai Bowl Experience


That afternoon, my mom who was reading the newspaper suddenly asked, “Is Shanghai Bowl good?” I said that I never tried going to the restaurant and I asked why. She said she saw the promo Rp98.800,00 per pax for all you can eat. Then I said that trying it would not be a problem. I called the restaurant and asked some information about the promo. I wanted to make sure there was nothing hidden about the promo if you know what I mean.

After asking few questions, I reserved a table for 6 people. I went there for dinner with my family. I was amazed at how each of us got our own electric stove. In other words, we could choose our own soup. YAY!

There were 7 options of soup: chicken soup, tom yum soup, veggie soup, preserved vegetable soup, pork soup, mala soup, and chinese herbal soup. I decided to try chinese herbal soup. It was a pork soup cooked with chinese herbal. Actually, they allow us to change the soup kind for Rp25.000,00, but I refilled my bowl with the same kind of soup anyway.

Each of us got 3 plates of meat. We were allowed to choose between pork, lamb, and beef. I chose to mix all three. While waiting for the soup and the meat to be served, we were told that we got 90 minutes and we were allowed to take some other ingredients to put to our soup. There are many variations of ingredient, some of them are ham, fish meatball, variations of mushrooms, chicken meat, etc. It was pretty complete actually. They also provided variations of sauce, fritters, chinese food buffet (for y’all who are not into steamboat), soft ice cream, pudding, and many kinds of beverages.

When I got back from taking ingredients, the soup was already there. I put in all the ingredients I have taken. Not so long after, the soup was boiling. I adjusted the temperature so that the soup didn’t vaporize while I was eating. First sip, my eyes went big, THAT WAS THE TASTE I HAVE LONGED FOR! Each component compliments the others. The pork was the best. It had that meaty taste, how do I explain, it was amazing. The soup, I could feel the herbal. This might seem like I’m exaggerating but I felt healed just by sipping the soup.

the soup
The soup

I had never expected that eating the soup would take us an hour. We thought that we only had 30 minutes left to eat everything. We tried not to leave any leftovers for we would be charged Rp50.000,00 for every 150gr of leftovers. I ate my remaining food and finish in about 15 minutes. I still managed to taste the pudding and soft ice cream.

I was so full I can’t even explain it in words. And also, are you in for a surprise? 90 minutes is the time given for us to take the food provided, not to finish all the food. I misunderstood lol I shouldn’t have eaten that fast.

Anyway, I must say Rp98.800,00 is worth-it. The service is good, the food is incredible, the place is cozy. It is a perfect place for big eater or y’all who are crazy for warm soup.



P.S.: My table was so full I couldn’t even take good pictures I’m sorry

Score: 4.5/5


Shanghai Bowl
Lenmarc Mal Lt. GF #45 & 47
Jl. Bukit Darmo Golf, Pradah Kalikendal, Dukuh Pakis
Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60226, Indonesia

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