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Miss Granny vs. Sweet 20: Which One to Watch?


CJ Entertainment and Starvision have released Sweet 20, an Indonesian remake of the movie Miss Granny. Both of the movies tell a story about a 70-year-old woman who liked to brag about her professor son. The woman, one day, found out that her son’s family planned to send her to a nursery home. Being so sad, she went outside. While sitting on the street side, she saw a photo studio. She decided to take a photo for her funeral. Never did she expect she would be given a second chance on being 20 again. She became 20 and did the things she hadn’t been able to do back then, especially to reach her dream on being a singer.

I read the news about the movie release and I was interested. I looked for the Korean movie (Miss Granny) and streamed it immediately. It was indeed a beautiful movie with moral values. In the afternoon, I went to the cinema to watch the Indonesian movie (Sweet 20) with my mom and my sister. I expected the movie to be a good adaptation of the original one since it was produced by the same company. How did it turn out? Keep reading, because below I did a compare and contrast on both movie.

1. The Scenes

The scenes of both movies are almost the same. The order and the dialogue are similar. The order of the scenes is amazingly pretty much the same except for some excluded scenes. The dialogue, I think they translate Korean to Indonesian pretty smoothly. What I mean by saying that is the Indonesian dialogue is smooth and natural compared to the dubbing version of many Korean and English dramas and movies.

2. The Settings

Soju Scene

They mentioned this in an interview that some settings were adjusted in order to make the movie more Indonesian. I won’t mention all the differences, but here is an example. The scene where Jiha asked Doori to be his band’s singer was shot in a soju place, while the scene where Juna asked Mieke to be his band’s singer was shot in a restaurant. This was done since drinking is not something habitual for Indonesians.

3. The Flashbacks


Y’all who have watched the Korean versions must be familiar with the scene when the female lead sang in the music show and remembered her past. Personally, I think the flashbacks in the Korean version are more emotional. The length, the amount of scenes, the cinematography portray the hardwork of a single mother beautifully. Not saying that the Indonesian version’s scenes were bad. It’s just that I think they could have done better.

4. The Humor


I don’t know if it is a matter of language but I think the Indonesian version is better in humor. The actors and actresses were amazing at making some scenes look hilarious.Some scenes got me laughing louder than I did when I watched the Korean version.

If you ask me to choose which one is better, I’m afraid that I will have to say that I’m in a dilemma. Both movies had their own strengths and weaknesses. Miss Granny had an amazing cinematography and ability to build up the audiences’ emotions. Miss Granny, being the first, was a movie with an amazing concept. While Sweet 20, being an adaptation, goes beyond my expectation. The production team nailed it. Sweet 20 is different than other adaptation. The actors and actresses, I can say, were carefully cast.

So, which one to watch? Watching both wouldn’t hurt 😉

Here are the trailers of both movies



Happy watching and cheers!


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