Kurang Piknik


You’re about to read my MinDraft. This post is raw and honest. It shows myself with all my thoughts and emotions. It is not systematically written. I don’t expect anything, but thank God if you get inspired somehow 🙂

I’ve been on a really long holiday since mid-April. In the beginning, I was ecstatic since life had been super hectic (that it actually rhymes I’m screaming). Never did I know holiday could be that long that it got boring. I used to be so busy but suddenly everything disappeared. I didn’t know what to do. Well, I wanted to do a lot of things, but my laziness won anyway, plus I was trying not to spend much money (I’m always like this I wonder why).

In the middle of doing nothing, I became a thinker……………and that was not a good thing. I thought about why I am alive, why I am here being useless, why I don’t have many friends, and then I became so sensitive. I began asking why people ignore me, why no one cares about me, why it seems like people get annoyed by me, and then I became emotional and short-tempered. I got angry without proper reasons, I was full of sarcasm, then it got worse, I ignored people. I started getting some sort of complains from my family. That was depressing, really.

Honestly, I did not think there was any solutions, but God is so kind, my sister had the initiative to take a step forward. She took me on a 5-day-4-night trip to Jogjakarta. This is starting to look like a travel agent advertisement lol

I was not excited at all. My sister said that the trip was only to make me happy. That sounds selfless but to the depressed me, it sounded like she took her mentally ill sister on a healing trip hahahaha I did not realize that the trip was a blessing.

I will not tell the whole trip story here (it will be on another post), but we went on a walk around Kraton area, we tasted various food, we took a lot of photos, and also, we lay on our bed for half-a-day hahaha. Those were really simple, almost made us look like we took the whole trip for granted…….but I was really happy

The trip refreshes me. When I got back from Jogjakarta, I faced some problems too. What’s different is the way I face those problems. I really feel like I got calmer and happier. I have visions on what I want to do and I got the spirit to do it. I got inspirations. I am thankful.

Through this MinDraft, I’d like to say that I think just resting and doing nothing helps us to regain some energy, but going out and see what the world offers is important too. It helps us to not only regain some energy, but also inspiration and peace of mind.

Y’all Indonesians must be familiar with the phrase, “Kurang piknik” (The literal English translation is “In need of more picnics”, it sounds weird but you can take it as telling the person that he needs some refreshment). It is used as a joke but hey, for me it is true. The trip costs me some money, but I learn that I do need it. The money is nothing compared to the energy and inspiration I have got.

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