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My name is Helen

It’s a really exciting experience to finally start my own website. I have been wanting to do this since 2016, but I was so busy with school back then. In June 2017, I graduated from high school. I got literally nothing to do until I start college, then I thought ‘Oh, why don’t I start my own website?’ and here I am!

I love trying something new, tasting new weird things, and hanging out in new places. My mom always wonders why I have such a weird taste in almost everything. When we go to a donut place, I choose strawberry while the whole family chooses chocolate. When we go to ice cream place, I choose baileys while my family chooses rum raisins. When we listen to music in the car, I play EDMs while they play ballads. It’s no big deal. I guess that makes me me!

I LOVE music! I love listening to music. I play music while driving, writing, even while studying. Last Christmas, I even decided to buy myself a gift, which is an aux cable lol I could listen to all kind of songs, but I particularly love Korean songs and EDMs. As for Korean songs, I don’t know the sentence-by-sentence meaning but believe me I always try to find what the songs generally mean 🙂

I also love singing. I sing basically everywhere but the stage hahahahaha. I can play the guitar although my skill is not that of an expert. I once wrote a song with my sister and my friends for a school assignment ( it’s on Youtube! ). I also love watching movies, Korean dramas, and Youtube videos. They entertain and inspire me somehow lol Oh, and I love art: drawing, typography, photo editing, video editing, etc.!

This blog is a place for me to write about all the things I love, especially about food, places, movies, dramas, and songs. I will also write about my own experience and self-reflection.


I’m glad you take sometime to read this

Have a wonderful day and happy reading!